The UFC Arabic Commentary Is Back Through The Voice Of Mohammed Al Hosani


Abu Dhabi Sports TV has just announced that it will be providing Arabic language UFC commentary through the voice of the Arab martial arts commentator, Mohammed Al Hosani.

Back in 2014, Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) announced it has acquired media rights for broadcasting the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in a three-year multi-platform deal.

The expansive agreement establishes ADM as the definitive home of the UFC in MENA, as Abu Dhabi has also hosted events in the past such as the sold out UFC 112 in 2010 and UFC Fight Night 39 in 2014, thrilling local and international fans alike.

The phenomenal worldwide appeal of mixed martial arts and specifically the UFC sees programming in over 129 countries and in 28 different languages.

What was missing for the past 2 years of the ADM-UFC deal is the availability of Arabic-language commentary as all of the UFC events airing on the channel up to now were aired in English.

That is until February 28, 2016 when Abu Dhabi Sports TV will provide the option of Arabic commentary for UFC Fight Night 84: Silva vs. Bisping in what seems like a change in strategy towards how the channel will produce the UFC this year.

Coming back at the helm will be the UFC’s 1st Arabic commentator back at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Al Hosani.

The 31 year-old Emirati will be providing commentary for the event coming up at the O2 Arena in London, England and Abu Dhabi Media has already advertised the card on its print and social media outlets.

As challenging as it can get to provide valid translations for fight manoeuvres, finding his voice should not be an overwhelming challenge. Mr Al Hosani is an experienced martial arts analyst who has broadcast in Arabic for the UFC, UAE Jiu-Jitsu events, the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship, as well as the infamous Desert Force MMA Championship on MBC Action.

As Abu Dhabi Media sets on improving its coverage of the UFC, we look forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for UFC fans in MENA!

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  • so how do you turn this ‘option’ off?? now there just seems to be arabic commentary dubbed over english!

  • The arabic comments are very bad. Unprofessional and making watching the ufc not satisfying at all. Make it as a choice for people to hear. Not force it!!!

  • The Arabic commentary is makes watching the fights much less enjoyable, despite the fact that Arabic is my first language. The commentator speaks in monotone, and is not even close to the standard we are used to in UFC commentators and he does not have nearly enough understanding of the sport to be doing this. This is making me want to cancel my subscription to Abu Dhabi sports 6.

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