Walid Seghir and Walid Akrouh Earn a Direct Spot on Al Batal Finals


Two fighters from Al Batal were granted a direct pass to the final rounds after showcasing best performances on the show.

Walid Akrouh, the youngest fighter on the show, was handpicked from the middleweight division as he had the best performance armbaring his way to victory against the respectful and aggressive Sofiane Seghir.

On lightweight, late-joiner Walid Seghir’s 33 second finish of Dennis Mungai in the latest episode earned him the promotion!

Al Batal CEO Emad Hayan:

One fighter from each weight division will be selected for a direct spot in the finals based on the best performance.

This leaves us with Sabil Rahali and Youness Mikkis fighting for a spot in the finals for Al Batal middleweights, and Ezzedine Derbane vs Tariq Ismail on lightweight.

Ezzedine had to defeat Bandar, and Tariq has to overcome Hariri to reach this stage. As for Walid Seghir, one choke was all he had to do to get to the finals.

Some might consider this as unfair for the rest of the fighters, what do you guys think?

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