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Burning Questions Heading to Desert Force 12


Is Mhammad Triki Going to Follow Up on Big Debut?

One of the two bright spots outside the main and co-main events is Triki. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the guy who trounced Ahmad Al Bossairy at Desert Force 11 in Bahrain.

Al Bossairy is sure one hell of a solid lightweight. Yet beating him is by no means a guarantee of future success, but when a debutant runs through a guy like him in his Desert Force debut, it’s worth taking note.

Desert Force welcomed Triki with a fight against a former title contender with 4 fights and now will face a new comer with (7-2) record at EFC – Egyptian Fighting Championship who rides a 4 win streak.

With some solid hands and a somewhat underrated grappling pedigree, he has the tools to be competitive against high-level lightweights in Desert Force and possibly international promotions.
Could this win land Triki a possible title fight?




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  • 1) No he doesn’t deserve it.
    2) If Majiri wins (very unlikely), he should fight Mounir Lazzez and the winner fights Hajjajy.
    3)Yes, Triki is a very good fighter and he is fighting someone from Egyptian Top Team who are not the best fighters on the ground.
    4)After this win Triki should fight against Mohammad Yehya (if he wins), after that the winner gets to fight the champ.
    5) Probably yes.
    6) Yes

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