Al Batal 2: Big Stories, Big Fights, and Najmeddine Al Haddad!


So Al Batal is back Bigger and Stronger than ever! New coaches, new fighters, and a slightly new vision to spread awareness of the sport and improve the regional standard in coaching and fighting. True stories, big fights, strong personalities, etc. all on AL BATAL SEASON 2, but a Bad Ass referee too?

Those who saw the first 3 episodes might have spotted this familiar face, and most of the arab viewers must have already recognized him. We’re not talking about any of the international coaches or any of the local arab fighters, we are talking about Najmeddine Al Haddad “The Referee”!

Najmedine Al Haddad, a well known Arab mixed martial artist and the CEO of Sharjah Fighting Championship with a remarkable career in K1 and other stand up fighting styles.

Najmedine, the youngest 5th Dan Black belt karate JKA in the world and in the history of karate won his MMA debut at DFC Fight Night 2 in Dubai in November 2012. “The Scorpion” won in the first round itself with remarkable ease. A lot of rumors have been circulating about the comeback of The Scorpion, yet seeing him in the cage as a referee is surely pleasing and adds a lot of fizz to the show.

“Those fighters better listen well to what this ref is saying, or somebody is gonna get hurt real bad!” haha

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